Common Problems With FaceTime and How To Solve Them

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If you are using an Apple device and love videotelephony apps then you are using FaceTime for sure. FaceTime app is developed by Apple Inc. It is compatible with almost all the devices of iOS and Mac. But sometimes FaceTime causes problem while using it. If you are looking for the solution to the problems you are facing in FaceTime then you are in the right place. Here I am going to discuss about common problems with FaceTime and how to solve them.


Most of the apps come with a few problems. Same is applicable for FaceTime too. If you know about all the problems and solutions then it will be very helpful for you to fix it and I believe this article will help you to understand and fix all the common problems of FaceTime. In FaceTime most of the time you will encounter with below mentioned problems and can fix them by following the steps mentioned.

1. Updated FaceTime still not working

Sometimes after updating FaceTime on PC to the latest version it stops working. People becomes very panic whenever this problem occurs. The reason behind this is not enabling FaceTime. You can solve this problem by going to settings>FaceTime>Enable FaceTime app.

2. FaceTime sign in issues

Many times you will get this problem. It normally occurs because of invalid Apple ID that doesn’t follow the regular format. If problem still occurs then better you get a new apple ID. You also can try changing your DNS setting to Google’s Public DNS and check if the FaceTime sign in issues has been fix or not.

3. FaceTime called failed

This problem can occur for various reasons. It can occur for unavailability of the app in some countries or for poor internet connection. You can solve this problem by going to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and check if camera and FaceTime have been restricted. If the problem is still there restart your device.

4. FaceTime not working

This problem normally occurs when you use a backdated FaceTime app. The main reason behind this problem is due to the expired certificates. You can solve this problem by updating the version of FaceTime.

5. iMessage waiting for activation

This is a very common problem in FaceTime. Most of the time this problem occurs because of setting up of date and time and invalid Wi-Fi connection. You can solve this problem by checking your Wi-Fi and cellular connection and the date & time setting. You also can check the setting by navigating to the Settings -> General -> Restrictions, select check if camera and FaceTime permission have been restricted.

Normally these are the main common problems which occur when you are using FaceTime. Some other problems are there which you can fix by updating your FaceTime to latest version. If you are using FaceTime, make sure you are using the latest version of the app and your OS is also up to date. The app works smoothly only when you use a stable internet connection.  Hope now you will be able to solve all the problems of FaceTime.